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  • What are the advantages of hand nailing?
    It is indisputable in the roofing industry that a hand nailed roof job will always produce a better finished product. That isn't to say that a roof installed with a pneumatic nail gun can't result in a good job. Unfortunately when nail guns are involved the margin for error tends to rise. The average asphalt shingle is about 3/16" of an inch. It isn't unreasonable to think that with a pneumatic nail gun a nail could be overdrive/underdriven by 1/16" of an inch due to pressure variations within the compressor or hoses. That would appear to be within tolerance for many things, but it's not when fastening a shingle to a roof. A properly nailed shingle needs to have the finished nail flush with the face of the shingle. The only way to insure that happens with a high percentage of consistency is with a hammer. There are a lot of variables that create inconsistencies when using nail guns. If you have multiple guns/hoses attached to a single compressor (which is the norm) pressure fluctuations can occur when guns are fired simultaneously or in sync before the pressure regulates. Another factor is that it requires a different pressure (PSI) to drive a nail based upon the density & rigidity of what you are nailing in to. For example it takes a different ideal pressure to drive a nail in a roof on a rafter versus what it takes dead center of a rafter on a roof with thin decking 24" on center. It's no surprise that there isn't a built in safeguard for this variation. So while pneumatic nailers have become industry standard for roofing installation that doesn't change the fact that discriminating homeowners see the value in a quality hand nailed roof installation.
  • Do you really need ice/water shield in the vammeys or perimeter of the roof?
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  • What sets Copper Ridge apart?
    What sets CopperRidge apart is our ongoing pursuit of the perfect end result. I'll be clear that we never achieve that perfection (simply because it'sunrealistic), but considering we never lower the bar we produce topquality roofs. Our management team has a unique blend of skill sets thatallow us to really zero in on making the process smooth. Our project supervision process is extremely "hands on". We are always accessible for any questions or requests that a client may have. We are proud of our team and the company that we represent. It doesn't take clients long to realize that we operate with pride, honesty, & integrity.
  • How do I edit or remove the "FAQ title"?"
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